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KhmerChat - My Country -My Network: We bring to you KhmerChat the social media cum Social Commerce platform conceptualized and founded by Mr. Chheang Sophanna who loves...

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All in one Platform

Drawing inspiration from the advance of technologies and brand new solutions transforming the world we live in, KhmerChat takes advantage of the technology and introduces an Integrated Platform something we all need to grow your business & facilitate our lifestyle. KhmerChat thrives to help you with turning your Social Media experience into reality of Earning while Socializing - Take a look at such complex Social Commerce platform.

Large Community

KhmerChat aims to be the own social media cum Social Commerce Platform for the Kingdom of Cambodia where every Khmer Netizens can communicate, share , earn and socialize on their own way without their privacy being tampered or compromised. KhmerChat aims to upscale the community member’s social and financial being with advanced technology from across the Earth within a common Platform for every need and for everyone – “My Country My Network!”

Safe Communication

KhmerChat has a unique model where members are partners to serve and respect, no data to be shared or sold. You have full control over your Data stored in secured Digi-Vault dedicated individual users! All communications are 100% secured and safe being under your control! KhmerChat is committed to creating a safe place for all walks of life to communicate and connect without fear of intimidation or bullying.

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“The Social Commerce Network Built on Trust, Confidence and Love! No Ads. No Spyware. Fully under Control – I have my own RIGHTS !”

My Country My Network

KhmerChat brings an upscale Social Media – Social Commerce experience in the spirit of Life Advancement with Love Trust and Confidence! LET’S KHMERCHAT !