I will Record Khmer Voiceover Project for You in 24 Hours 

Are you looking for professional native Cambodian Voiceover talents or Khmer VO recording service to work on your promotional materials?

Choosing an authentic voice to represent your business is very important as a brand store or company. People ar perceived to turn their mind into buying a brand more than an unknown products even through it might cost a little more for them. 


That is why as a brand store, services or company, you want to get the a male or female voice to speak of your company name or products in order to bring the right educational knowledge and inspiration to the targeted client or certain type of groups. 


Khmer Recording Studio


We are here to help you working on this complicated work for you and bring the best out of it. If you have a script then it is ready to be recorded. But if not, we can work on a customize script that meet your current and future market's needs.


Type of Voice Talents: 

As mentioned in the above, we use only authentic Khmer voices to perform all of our recording works. There are 3 type of voices that we can offer to you: 


  1. Male - the talent who can speak a deep voice, wishpering, motivated, inspiring and commanding for your Voice Recording project. You can request to record in a mono or stereo mode in narration, commercial, ebook or online class style. 
  2. Female - our talents is ready to work on your project immediately. You can work with us wherever you are coming from. All are possible through Fiverr online platform
  3. Kids - in case the above category of voices didn't meet your need, then we can offer a real pro kids who can record your VO project for you

Please Contact Us today for special recording rates! 

Piseth Oum

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